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EK Falgu is a musician artist singer, songwriter, music producer, Businessman. He completed his graduation with a Bachelor of Science- Computer Science focused on Coding & Graphics design in 2018 in India.


Early Life

Born on Jun 11, 1987, in South Sudan, Wau, lived in Sudan- Khartoum as child and where he attended the St. Augustine secondary and graduated from High School in India, he started his music career in 1998 by joining music band called ‘Sonzu wi music Jazz’, and lifted the Band in 2002, and later he started to build his career in music industry as independent artist singer in 2004.


EK Falgu has signed an agreement in 2010 to 2011with RACCOR Company in Sudan- Khartoum and participated in the singing competitions program called ‘TOP10’, out of 1200 subscribers he managed to reach the last 50 top artists.                                                                    

EK Falgu had an early passion for music which has ensured that he achieve tremendous success on almost every music front, quickly becoming a hometown favorite artist singer with his impactful lyrical in song titled’ Bandi Tu Ni Ndee’. When on launched in 2011, thought-provoking concepts of life marriage with the love in first sight, and that encouraged him for creating more good music and collaborated with other musical artists band.



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