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Commencing his musical career in 1998 in Sudan, EK Falgu has released a lot of hit albums, especially in the R&B genre. His creativity and good vocals let him delve into other genres of music like hip-hop and pop. EK falgu is not a newbie and his musical experience has led him to some recognition and collaborations with other recording artists in Africa one of such collaborations includes Band music in Sudan. His style is easy to recognize due to the peculiar sound and content laden lyrics.

EK Falgu artist singer is not only one of Sudan's finest but indeed the African continent as well. His talent and music precede him and he has carved a niche for himself in the African music industry. This is evident in his on-stage performances on the African stage and events.


Born on the 11th of January 1987 on the Western Bhar El Ghazal State, South Sudan, EK Falgu lived in Al Khartoum- Sudan, the capital city as a child. His high school education took place in India and he went further to acquire a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.  He is not only a talented musician but he is a skilled businessman, a software programmer with mastery over a lot of programming languages. He is a graphic designer, he is experienced with ms-word, PowerPoint, FL studio which helps him produce his sounds when he needs to.  He is a website developer as well.


EK Falgu's most recent music work, Wau ndi ndaa song ft artist Mina Ukaja is out on a lot of platforms and it has already gathered a lot of audiences. The music video is the result of creativity and is based on a real love story, the lifestyle of a lot of traditional marriages. For a better reach and understanding of a more vast audience, it is written in both English and Viri languages.

EK Falgu and his sound have come to stay and his audience loves him, as you can see in the picture shown below.  It is safe to say that he is part and parcel of the future of the African music industry. His songs are enjoying airplay already, and you can find all EK Falgu’s songs on digital stores such as Apple Music, Amazon Music Premium, Spotify, and iTunes music.  see bio 

EK Falgu - Live on Stage Dec2014 WBGS01.
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