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EK Falgu is an artist singer, and songwriter, commencing his musical career in Sudan in 1998, and he has released a lot of hit albums, especially in the R&B genre. His creativity and good vocals let him delve into other genres like hip-hop and pop. EK falgu is not a newbie and his musical experience has led him to some recognition and collaborations with other recording artists in Africa one of such collaborations includes Band music in Sudan. His music style is easy to recognize due to the peculiar sound and content laden lyrics. view more

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​This song exposed the trick used in those situations during this lockdown from girls, with their use of social media to generate income from men's, and the song also has a great message which gives youth attention so they can be aware not fall on these tricks during that lockdown period, you shouldn't miss it.  
Please, listen to the end and share it.   

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